We are a creative agency & we make brands.

We are a creative studio & we make brands.

Let's be honest, we believe that this is our fieldwork that makes us different. We gather insights from the coffee-machine-chit-chats to the business talks at the CEO's desk.

You got it, we work within companies to build brand identities that are coherent & relatable.


These two handsome dudes, that's us Sydney (left) Yaël (right)

Our philosophy

Our philoshophy

Our philoshophy

There's no secret sauce, just passion for meaningful brands

There's no secret sauce, just passion for meaningful brands

The inside man

We are not the typical agency… & that’s OK. We’re a creative agency acting as consultants, working in the trenches INSIDE your offices.

Ignite passion

We thrive to create passion & leadership, make an impact on the company’s culture & empower leaders to reaffirm their legitimate vision.

The trust ecosystem

We are always connecting with talents & developing our network of independent creators. That’s the best way to fulfill any needs that might appear along the collaboration.

A growth story

We understand business as well as design. That’s why we’re working without ego to create a brand, that your team - first - & your customers - then - will fuck with.



How we help create meaningful brands

How we help create meaningful brands


To create a relevant brand identity that meets human's needs as well as business goals we have to adapt to people working within it.

We collect significant informations about our clients by diving inside their culture, history & people. This allows us to bring clarity on the field issues & reveal actionable insights.


Everyone, right here right now, can have a vision or a “why”. We make sure it is part of an overall approach embraced by your team, embodied by your products/services & understood by your clients.

Federate, connect, receive & convert, is what we call strategy

Hierarchy & Brand Message

Many times the information is already there, just wrongly organised or even poorly expressed. We help to clarify & to focus on what truly matters.

We restructure the key messages, around the brand’s vision. It’s the best way to create a consistent brand message that’ll reconnect the functional & emotional benefits.

Visual Identity

Having a logo does not mean that you have a brand. We create visual identities that will support the company’s mission in all its touch points. 

We design brand identities that will reinforce the key messages & the strategy. To create relatable brands, we work the aesthetic with meaning to serve the brands personality.

© 2018 – 2019  Nemesis

© 2018 – 2019  Nemesis